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Harpsichord Alive: New York City Music

Harpsichord Alive: New York City Music
Format: CD
Label: Capstone Recordings, Inc.
UPC: 759348073329

Recording Notes

1. Bach/Comparone: Prelude in C Major

2. Charles Sibirsky: Mood Food

3. Elodie Lauten: The Architect

4. Kenji Bunch: Hobgoblinry

5-9. Peter M. Susser: Stanzas

With Dignity/ Mischievously/ Tenderly/ With Vengeance/ Flowing

10. Marshall Coid: Duo Fantasia

11-12. Robert Baksa: Duo Concertante

Lively/ Interlude: Andante

13-15. Stephen Kemp: Octet

Essay/ Torch Song/ Whimsy