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Lori Miller Abbott

Lori MillerViolinist LORI MILLER ABBOTT, graduated from the New England Conservatory and earned her Master's Degree from New York University.

She performs with many orchestras including Concordia, New York City Opera National Company, New Jersey Symphony, American Ballet Theatre, Opera Orchestra of New York, Bronx Arts Ensemble, Northeastern Pennsylvania Philharmonic, San Francisco Ballet at City Center, Radio City Orchestra, Chautauqua Symphony, Colonial Symphony and Westfield Symphony. Her orchestral work for musical theatre includes numerous Broadway shows, Papermill Playhouse Orchestra, Radio City Music Hall Orchestra, and most recently, Les Miserables. She has premiered contemporary chamber music works for New York Composers Circle and Downtown Music Productions. She has also recorded and performed with many popular artists such as Aretha Franklin, Elton John, Joss Stone, Donna Summer, Alicia Keyes, Kelly Clarkson, R. Kelly and Brian Wilson. She is a founding member of The Queen's Chamber Band.