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Voice, Acting, and Violin

VOICE: (Classical and/or Broadway genres with or without Ear Training as desired). Emphasis on non-disruptive text pronunciation/modification and Bel Canto long-line phrasing ability with even breath, and effortlessness. Attention to phasing detail and subtleties. Addressing any /fear or tension issues. Developing good vocal habits and self-protection techniques. Creating effective warmup and exercise regimen.

ACTING: Relaxation and sustained concentration. Body awareness and comfort. developing instant emotional access Musical phrasing/awareness applied to word/syllable stresses, range, volume, speed as added elements of language interpretation. Experience and major interest in Shakespeare/Classical texts particularly. Also Vocal Acting techcniques.

VIOLIN: Galamian/Russian School of technique from 9 years with Sally Thomas at The Juilliard School. Integrates breathing with use of the bow. Body awareness and connection. Effortlessness and specific technical devices to handle virtuoso passages/repertoire. Total bow control with a vocal approach to sustained sound and phrasing.

For each discipline I am interested in an all-around multi-discipline approach which draws on acting, dance, voice, instrumental, and visual art techniques and principals. The entire being is involved (body, mind and spirit) Creating effective and consistent practice habits is a major focus. Also interested in very detailed expressive/interpretive exploration and expanding the performers awareness, imagination and emotional/gesture arsenal. Creating a relaxed, positive, sustained concentration is another significant goal. The study of one discipline will inevitably cross-reference other disciplines when appropriate. The inter-relatedness of all Artistic Disciplines is central to my life and work.

I have taught privately and given Master Classes in all the above disciplines. I served for twenty years on the Adjunct Music Faculty at Columbia University. Taught Chamber music, Composition, Violin, Voice at The Crafstbury Festival Youth program (VT) for six years. Was the Goliard Ensemble's Annual Composer/Artist Residency winner in 1991 and toured/performed and gave various master Classes throughout the US East Coast. Draw on several decades of professional experience including Opera, Television, Broadway, Experimental, Cabaret, Early Music, Recording and Concert work with consistent critical acclaim.

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